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Raw Welsh Honey - Black Mountain Honey Selection - 4 x 227g
  • 4 x 227 jars of Honey. Runny, Soft Set, Borage and Heather. 


    Our Runny Wildflower Honey won 1 star at the 2020 Great Taste Awards.


    The judges blind tasted our and made the following comments:


    'Light amber in colour, this delicate honey has a pretty light floral aroma with an almost savoury herb element to its soft flavour, and a gently aromatic finish that lingers. A honey to be savoured.'


    'A good-looking, pale golden, clear runny honey. This delivers gentle floral notes on the nose, flavours that continue more distinctly on the palate. This is a crowd-pleasing honey, with aromatic pastural elements and a long-lasting sweetness on the finish.'


    Our runny honey is made from the nectar and pollen of a variety of flowers, trees and shrubs from apiaries across North Wales.


    It is cold extracted, filtered and unpasteurised to allow the final product to retain all of the vital micronutrients that are present when the honey is extracted from the hive. 


    North Wales has a complex, diverse mix of hedgerows, forests and moorland which produces a distinct, floral honey. 


    It is extracted in small batches  and the colour of our raw local honey will vary in tune with the changing seasons and flowers our bees feed on but predominantly will be a rich golden colour.


    The variety of flowers the honey bees have fed on to create this raw honey will include: Blackberries, Heather, Lime, Willowherb, Clover, Primrose, Cherry, Pear, Lavender and a whole range of wildflowers. 


    Buy now to enjoy this unique, award winning mix of Black Mountain Honey. 

    Raw Welsh Honey - Black Mountain Honey Selection - 4 x 227g

    • All pure honey will eventually crystallize due to the natural sugars in it.  Raw honey has the tendency to granulate faster than highly processed honey as the sugar molecules have more to attach to because of the pollens, propolis and other inherent ingredients still present.

      Honey does not have a shelf life.  In fact, it has been found in the pyramids and though crystallized, it was still edible; not bad for a food substance over 2500 years old.  

      If it does granulate, loosen the lid and place the jar in a sauce pan of tepid water until it liquefies.  Do not over heat it!  The water should be kept below 50c.

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