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Raw Welsh Soft Set Heather Honey - 4 x 227g
  • Our soft set ling heather honey comes from our apiary set in the heart of Llandegla, North Wales. Our apiary site contains other natural forage for the bees which means we can produce a beautifully smooth, soft set heather honey. This is like no honey you have ever tried before!


    It is cold extracted, filtered and unpasteurised to allow the final product to retain all of the vital micronutrients that are present when the honey is extracted from the hive.


    Heather honey has a distinctive, floral taste uncomparable to other honey anywhere in the world! 


    It is extracted in small batches  and the colour of our raw local honey will vary in tune with the changing seasons and flowers our bees feed on. 


    Buy now to enjoy this unique raw, soft set ling heather honey. 


    Dont be deceived by this honey's lack of Great Taste Awards. We sold out way before entries were open! We will make sure we save a jar or two to send in to the 2021 awards. This is our favourite and most complex honey! 

    Raw Welsh Soft Set Heather Honey - 4 x 227g

    • All pure honey will eventually crystallize due to the natural sugars in it.  Raw honey has the tendency to granulate faster than highly processed honey as the sugar molecules have more to attach to because of the pollens, propolis and other inherent ingredients still present.

      Soft Set Honey differs from runny honey as it has already crystallised under controlled conditions to form a smooth, fine textured honey.

      It will not granulate any further and can be kept for months in correct storage conditions.

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