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Raw Round Honeycomb Section Honey - 200g
  • Our super limited edition round section honey is produced for us exclusively by a Master Beekeeper based in Dorset UK. He produces honey on an incredibly limited scale and only manages around 15 hives. 


    The section honey is produced in extremely small batches and the colour of the raw honey will vary in tune with the changing seasons and flowers the bees feed on but predominantly will be a rich golden colour.


    The variety of flowers the honey bees have fed on to create this raw honey will include: Blackberries, Lime, Willowherb, Clover, Primrose, Cherry, Pear, Lavender and a whole range of wildflowers. 


    This section honey is the perfect accompaniment to a British cheeseboard or perfect just eaten on its own. 


    Buy now to enjoy this unique, super limited edition round section honey. 

    Raw Round Honeycomb Section Honey - 200g

    • All pure honey will eventually crystallize due to the natural sugars in it.  Raw honey has the tendency to granulate faster than highly processed honey as the sugar molecules have more to attach to because of the pollens, propolis and other inherent ingredients still present.

      Honey does not have a shelf life.  In fact, it has been found in the pyramids and though crystallized, it was still edible; not bad for a food substance over 2500 years old.  

      If it does granulate, loosen the lid and place the jar in a sauce pan of tepid water until it liquefies.  Do not over heat it!  The water should be kept below 50c.

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